Rating: NG
Running Time: Approx 90 minutes
Director: Worth Keeter
Producer: Earl Owensby
Starring: Earl Owensby / Kristina Reynolds / Ed. L. Grady / Richard Dedmon / Brown Lee Davis / Maggie Lauterer / Victor Smith / Helese Tryon / Mike Allen
Director Of Photography: Darrell Cathcart
Editor: Richard Aldridge
Original Score and Music: Authur Smith and David Floyd







In 1910, Colin Glasgow (Earl Owensby) inherits the
Devil's Curse.

Each night of the full moon he is transformed into the most terrifying of all creatures, the Werewolf. He prowls the dark in search of human blood, and by day seeks the cure for the curse that can only be ended by death. A study in classic horror, the story unfolds amid a panorama of special effects.