Rating: NR
Running Time: Approx 90 minutes
Director: Worth Keeter
Producer: Earl Owensby
Starring: Earl Owensby and Ginger Alden
Co-Starring: Bill Gribble / Jerry Rushing, Kathy Hasty / Bob Bloodworth / Ashley Blythe / Ed Lilliard / Damien
Screenplay: Tom McIntyre
Animal Trainer: Charles Sharkady
Original 3-D Lenses: Chris Condon
Originally Flimed In: Future Dimensions 3-D
Color: Deluxe






Rottweiller... (The Dogs of Hell)

Dogs of Hell on the Loose! All is well in a small southern mountain resort community until twelve U.S. Army-trained killing machines known as rottweilers invade, and it becomes the mission of the local sheriff (Earl Owensby) to bring the vicious animals under control - but not before they claim the lives of many in the community.

Originally filmed in 3-D for its initial theatrical release, ROTTWEILER (renamed Dogs of Hell for overseas distribution) was featured in a 60 Minutes segment on Earl Owensby in the late '70s.