Rating: PG
Running Time: Approx 95 minutes
Director: Worth Keeter
Producer: Earl Owensby
Starring: Earl Owensby and Ginger Alden
Co-Starring: William T. Hicks / Jerry Rushing / Toby Wallace / Kristina Reynolds, Greg Carswell / Maggie Lauterer / Maurice Williams / David Allan Coe and The Skwydro-Heegie Band
Writer: Tom McIntyre
Director Of Photography: Darrell Cathcart
Editor: Richard Aldridge
Original Soundtrack: Roy Orbison






Living Legend...

Halls of darkness have doors that can open... Living Legend, a play on the Presley dynasty, presents the story of Eli Canfield (Earl Owensby), a country rock-legend who has fallen victim to the pitfalls of superstardom - a failed marriage addiction, living up to an image, and an unclear vision as to who are his true friends. When Eli's new love interest (Ginger Alden) meets with the disapproval of his unscrupulous and manipulative manager (William T. Hicks), tragedy results, and Eli realizes what he must do to not only save his new relationship but also his life; and he does so in a most dramatic way.

Living Legend features a dynamic original soundtrack performed by the Legendary Roy Orbison.