Rating: R
Running Time: Approx 90 minutes
Director: Worth Keeter
Producer: Earl Owensby
Starring: Earl Owensby
Co-Starring: Carol Bransford, Leon Rippy, Terry Loughlin, Robert Bloodworth, James Eric, Paul Holman, Gene Kusterer, Mark Ferri, Steve Boles, Lash Larue
Screenplay: Worth Keeter and Todd Durham
Associate Producer: Charles Heath
Executive Producer: John Brock
Music: Dee Barton







Chain Gang...

The Most Riveting Prison Film Since COOL HAND LUKE! Based on a true story... The year is 1979. The man is Mac McPherson (Earl Owensby), a construction worker who is headed toward a new job in Georgia. A tough but good man, McPherson is framed for murder and sentenced to the famous Black Creek Prison Farm, from which there is no escape (Black Creek Prison Farm was closed April 1, 1984 due to lack of funds to repair the facility).