Rating: R
Running Time: 117 minutes,
Color Director: Jimmy Huston
Producer: E.E. Owensby
Starring: Earl Owensby/
David Allan Coe/Don "Red" Barry,
Ed Parker






The Brass Ring...

In 1957 The People of North Carolina Feared Two Things... The Mountain Chain Gang And A Man Named SEABO. In 1957, North Carolina's Buckstone County Prison and Chain Gang were infamous as the most feared correctional institution in the country. Run by the sadistically brutal Warden Coley (Don "Red" Barry) and his henchmen, Jimbo (reknown karate master, Ed Parker), prisoners rarely caused a problem and those that did, didn't live long enough to talk about it. With the help of a bounty hunter, Reb Stock (David Allan Coe), Buckstone County was a place where local citizens lived in fear and terror...until they crossed SEABO (Earl Owensby).